Create A Crime Fiction By Weaving A Galvanizing Plot

Creating a crime novel is all about creating the aura of suspense and mystery. If you think that this is an easy task, then you are sadly certainly mistaken. Building up a mystery is a hard nut to crack and definitely can’t be achieved by playing with words alone. It needs a deep prodding in mind and pouring out the best of the ideas that can create suspense and conundrum in the entire story. The success of a mystery novel is when the reader gets engrossed in it and never get bored or loses interest. Each twist and turn, revenge and vengeance, quid pro quo makes reader skip a heartbeat.

Though the best idea is that which is extracted after deep brainstorming but here are few tips that can help you in achieving your prospective goal of writing a crime novel:

  • Read a lot– Read gamut of mysteries and crime fiction. Follow the work of successful and trend-maker authors. This will definitely help you in developing your thought process and opening your mind to better ideas.
  • Detailing of details– After you are done deciding the character, pick up each and every character one after another to sharp their characteristics. Nature and task of each character must be crystal clear. Give a convincing and justifying motive to the crime.
  • Spread and scatter clues– There must be some clues and links that will lead to the solution of the mysterious deed. Red herrings to point out the nemesis and culprit spruce up the story and are an inevitable part of it.
  • Hard to catch– Don’t give easy to guess clues. The red herrings must be mysterious too and needs to be weaved with the potential suspects. Here, the key responsibility of the author is to make the situation and plot interesting and mysterious without making it irritating and vexatious.
  • Read about the science behind the crime– In order to make your story more realistic, know the repercussions of the poisonous potions used in the crime. Adhere these repercussions with clues and conclusions. Google can rescue you from reading thick science books yet providing required knowledge.

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