Tips for Self-Publish your own an eBook

The future scope of eBook publishing is very clear. It is the fastest rising way to get the attention of readers, authors and the audience as well as.  There are many tips & tricks for publishing your eBook:


  • Your targeted point should be your eBook Audience. You should think about demand, connectivity, and book’s topic, eBook sales, everything for your audience and yourself. Your connectivity with your audience should be strong.
  • Digital sales for your eBook is the best to increase the sales of your eBooks due to many users of tablets, cell phone in this digital era.
  • Choose the right format for your eBooks such as what should the web language XML or HTML and doc, etc. always careful about this because it really matters for e-readers.

And another option is that you can appoint a self publisher & printing house for your eBook publishing.

Actually, publishing & printing house provides you complete package of (editorial, design, and publishing & marketing)

Book writing is needed sometimes a good editor, Self Publishing Company edited your story by their experienced editor team. In editing service story editing, copy editing and proofing all things are provided by the publication house.

Cover design is also necessary for visual impact on the reader, Self Publisher Company have experienced designers who give the ultimate look to your eBook cover

eBook Publishing is the most important process of a publishing company because they have advanced options of publishing  (self-publishing,  tradition publishing, hybrid publishing) meanwhile connectivity with the many numbers of publishing platform.

Publishing house has the wide range of marketing channels for your eBooks marketing like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. Which increase the e-book selling.

Office Details:

Company:  Online Gatha


Email: –

Phone –      +91-9936585666, +91-9129730666, +91-9129731666

Address –   Indradeep Complex, Faizabad Rd, Indira Nagar,

Sanjay Gandhi Puram, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016


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