Clearing the misconceptions regarding self-publishing


The traditional publishers have wooed the publishing and author’s world since ages. It has become a popular notion now that the publishing is successful only if it is through the traditional publishing houses.

To end the misconception and highlight the broader aspects of self-publishing Onlinegatha has worked really hard. In contrast with the traditional publishing which publishes only those stories which succeed in impressing them, self-publishing by the Onlinegatha welcomes and respects each and every creation.

Here, it is important to clarify that accepting every author and respecting each piece of writing doesn’t mean that the errors are being published. Each and every creation has something to learn from. Every piece of writing embraces a lesson with it.

The author might not be able to choose the correct words but we can’t just reject the values and lessons that his script has for that. We offer the services to correct the tone, phrases and the sentence formation so that the message that the author has, can be conveyed to the world.

The words, sentences and language comes secondary to the knowledge and moral that a story has.


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